New Justice League Snyder Cut Rumor Is Clickbait Says Storyboard Artist

Despite the undying hopes of many DC fans out there, the Snyder cut of Justice League probably doesn’t exist. That hasn’t kept them from hoping and a recent rumor that stated Zack Snyder was actually working on his cut without the help of Warner Bros. fueled the fire once again. The rumors even stated that he may release a trailer soon. Alas, storyboard artist Jay Oliva has cast serious doubt on the validity of these rumors and has also clarified some possible confusion.

Jay Oliva, who worked on Justice League and has collaborated with Zack Snyder several times in the past, took to Twitter to weigh in on these recent rumors. Some fans were getting into it about the validity of the rumored Snyder cut and he decided to put in his two cents, which is likely worth listening to since he actually worked on the movie in question. He called into question the validity of the anonymous sources who claim that the Snyder cut is being worked on and went so far as to call the recent reports clickbait. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“It’s Clickbait. Anyone who says they have ‘reliable sources’ usually have it wrong. Whenever I site my source it’s pretty much from the person who I’m talking about. Whether it’s Zack, Geoff Johns, Patty Jenkins, Ben Affleck Taika Waititi, Kevin Feige, etc. it’s all firsthand.”

One source of confusion has been the assembly cut of Justice League that was shown to Warner Bros. executives before he departed the project. In a sense, yes, a cut of the movie exists that he put together but it’s nowhere near a finished cut. Jay Oliva jumped in on another thread offering some clarification when a fan brought up the fact that he said a cut exists. “I was referring the cut that Zack screened for execs. I’ve seen the same kind of cut for MoS and it’s practically the whole film done with some CG shots still in pre-rendered form,” said Oliva.

That assembly cut is surely hanging out at Warner Bros. somewhere, but it’s not the finished Snyder cut that fans are hoping for. It would cost Zack Snyder tons and tons of money to finish this cut on his own and there is almost no way that Warner Bros. would be cool with it. Joss Whedon was brought in to oversee extensive reshoots on Justice League after Snyder left. If another cut were released by the director who didn’t get to finish the movie that wasn’t commissioned by them, it would look bad. To offer further clarification, Oliva explained what shape the cut would be in.

“Score would still be temp/ rough at this stage. But the composer at least has a jump start for those sequences. The score isn’t usually finalized until much later. Vfx will be a mixed bag. Finished shots as well as shots started towards the end of principal would be intermixed within the cut. I would guess that whatever Zack screened the shots were readable for execs to understand what’s going on and who’s who.”

The saga of the Snyder cut is a strange thing. Many DC fans were very upset with Zack Snyder’s treatment of characters like Superman and Batman in both Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yet, once Justice League hit theaters, they decided his cut was a potential, unreleased masterpiece and have been demanding to see it ever since. DC is moving away from his original vision and has Aquaman, Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984 in the pipeline, as well as a ton of other projects in development. May Snyder’s version of the DCEU rest in peace. You can check out what Jay Oliva had to say for yourself below.

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