NFL Linemen Allegedly Robbed by 'Drugging Divas' In Orlando

2/3/2017 3:46 PM PST

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0203-quinton-spain-GETTY-01Cops say Tennessee Titans lineman Quinton Spain is the latest victim of the “Drugging Divas” — a team of women targeting rich guys, drugging their drinks, and robbing them. 

This time, officials say Spain met one of the “Divas” at an Orlando nightclub on January 27th — and she asked to go back his place. 

When they got there, the woman made Spain a drink — spiked it — and when he passed out, she jacked $113,000 in jewelry … including his gold chains and $40,000 Rolex watch. 

Officials believe the suspect has been working with another woman in the area who has been doing the exact same thing — they’ve labelled the suspects the “Drugging Divas.”

Officials are offering up a $1,000 reward for info leading to the arrest of the Divas. 

So far, no comment from Spain. 


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