NFL's Michael Floyd Says Football + Ankle Monitor = Broken Bones

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Michael Floyd begged the judge in his DUI case to remove his ankle monitor before Vikings training camp began — because he was worried the device could wreck his ankle if he played with it on. 

The good news for Floyd … the judge gave him the thumbs-up. 

Floyd was previously ordered to wear the alcohol monitoring device while on house arrest as part of his sentence for driving while insanely drunk in Arizona during a December incident. 

But Floyd — a WR for  the Vikings — knows running patterns with a giant gadget on your ankle is dangerous so he asked the judge to cut him loose. 

In court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Floyd argued … “Due to the high impact sport, attempting to run and high velocity tackling, the ankle device itself could be damaged and more importantly cause severe damage to the [Floyd’s] ankle resulting in possible broken bones.”

The judge agreed — removed the ankle device — and instead ordered him to submit to random breath testing on a GPS-enabled device. 

Floyd is required to stay alcohol-free (and he’s still technically on house arrest) until June 16th. 

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