Nicki Minaj and Nas Are Busy But Still Going Strong As a Couple

Nicki Minaj & Nas

Busy Love Birds

But Still Going Strong!

9/14/2017 2:48 PM PDT


Nas and Nicki Minaj were all over each other for his birthday, and even though we don’t see this kinda PDA from them everyday … we’ve learned the power couple links up way more than ya know.

Sources close to the duo tell TMZ … Nas and Nicki FaceTime every single day and text non-stop. We’re told their busy schedules make it impossible to hook up face-to-face as much as they’d like — so they make it a priority to stay in touch other ways.

Still, Nicki made it to Nas’ 44th bash Wednesday night in NYC … in a big way. We’re told they’ve also quietly met up in Miami and L.A. recently.

Nas and Nicki are telling friends they’re taking it slow, but lovey-dovey moments like the ones at his party prove otherwise. 

Like we said, their power couple status is fully intact.

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