Nicolas Cage To Star In New Horror Flick ‘Mom And Dad’

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Nicolas Cage has another surprise for his fans! Just when we thought we had enough  of horror film ‘Pay The Ghost’ Deadline reported that he just struck another movie deal and is reuniting with ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ director Brian Taylor for another horror flick entitled, ‘Mom and Dad.’ The new flick centers on a teenage girl and her little brother who must survive a wild 24 hours when a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violent on their own kids.

Taylor told Deadline that Nick was meant for the scary role as one of the ‘psycho’ parents.

“This is the kind of role Nick was put here to play: Human, funny, scary – somehow grounded while at the same time completely off the rails,” Taylor said. “For a filmmaker there is nothing quite like the experience of Nick Cage bringing a character you’ve written to life.”

Filming is scheduled to begin production in July, with Armory Films’ Tim Zajaros and Christopher Lemole producing along with their new Zeal Media partner Cassian Elwes who is executive producing with Jere Hausfater. XYZ Films is handling worldwide sales on the film, which will be selling at the European Film Market now underway in Berlin.

Meanwhile, Variety has confirmed that Nick’s gritty crime thriller film, ‘Dog Eat Dog’ directed by Paul Schrader; has been fetching multiple sales in Berlin, France,  Spain, Turkey, Eastern Europe, India and Latin America. The film is based on the book of the same title by Eddie Bunker about a trio of ex-cons deep in the underbelly of Los Angeles (The location was actually filmed in Cleveland, Ohio) who are hired for kidnapping. They find themselves on the run when the botched abduction goes awry.

Nick has his work cut out for him with a very busy year! His fans have several films to look forward to including ‘USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage’ ‘Dog Eat Dog’ ‘Vengeance: A Love Story’ ‘Exit 147’ ‘The Trust’  ‘Army Of One’ and now ‘Mom And Dad.’

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