North Korea Launches Netflix Style On Demand Service: ManBang!

Dear Leader Kim Jong Un has gone and done it this time. The all merciful bringer of health and happiness has bestowed his subjects with yet another gift for which they will faun over him with gratefulness.

It was announced that North Korea is launching a video on demand service ala Netflix… and it will be called Manbang.  “Luckily” North Korea has so much censorship for what it’s citizens view on the internet, that citizens trying to find “Man Bang” have virtually no chance of accidently landing on porn site they didn’t want to see.

Now I know what you are thinking. “Manbang” is probably just the phonetic spelling of a Korean word that means something totally innocent and totally not homoerotic. That is probably true, but why ruin our juvenile fun with a translation? According to North Korean state news Manbang is going to deliver loads of streaming on demand video into the homes of loyal citizens across the Hermit Kingdom. I’m guessing Orange Is The New Labor Camp: a hilarious prison documentary that everyone will relate to.

The Manbang service will feature five different TV channels using a set top box. These channels will have Kim Jung Un approved news, educational programs and documentaries. I bet North Koreans are excited to binge watch “House Of Cards But Stands Like Concrete” this weekend.

North Korean observers say that this technology will be a big leap forward for the country where regular television is scarce. Most citizens don’t have television and those that do receive highly censored propaganda from state media. Regardless Manbang can’t be worse than the usual North Korean entertainment options.

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