Official Star Wars Facebook Blasts Back at Rose Tico Haters

It’s no secret that The Last Jedi has been a bit divisive among fans. Among the most divisive bits in the movie is the character of Rose Tico. The Resistance mechanic-turned-hero, played by newcomer Kelly Marie Tran, has been the subject of a love/hate relationship with the Star Wars fan base; you either love her or hate her. And there’s been an awful lot of hate. But the official Star Wars Facebook has defended the new hero in a galaxy far, far away.

Last week, the official Star Wars Facebook page shared Kelly Marie Tran’s audition video for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The comments section was flooded with negativity toward her character. One particular commenter said that Rose is anything but a hero. That prompted the Star Wars social media crew to respond with the following message, asserting that Rose Tico is indeed a hero.

“Prevented four Resistance deserters from stealing escape pods. Assisted in the formation of a plan that would’ve allowed the Resistance to escape the First Order pursuit. Persuaded a fathier stable boy to enable her and Finn’s escape from Canto Bight. Conducted an essential survey of available supplies available to the Resistance on Crait. Saved Finn from an inconsequential course of action that would’ve ended his life. For a character who did absolutely nothing, that’s impressive… most impressive.”

Even if you don’t like Rose Tico, it’s a little hard to argue with her accomplishments in The Last Jedi, when laid out like that. Then again, people take issue with the fact that she stopped Finn from destroying the battering ram canon on Crait. Not to mention a general dissatisfaction with Finn and Rose’s subplot in general. In a recent interview, Kelly Marie Tran spoke about being part of the movie and, specifically, being able to represent an Asian main character in the Star Wars universe. Something that hasn’t really existed until very recently.

“A lot of Star Wars fans who are specifically Asian never had a character they could dress up like, or they would and people would always call them ‘Asian Rey’ or ‘Asian fill-in-the-blank.’ I get very emotional when I see people who are able to identify with this character. That means a lot to me and I don’t think it will ever get old. It feels like a big deal because it’s so rare, I wish it wasn’t. I wish that you and I could be having a different conversation. I wish that all different types of people of all races and all upbringings were all equally represented in this industry that influences so many people. But the fact is that’s just not true, so it is important to talk about it. I’m always thinking about that little girl that never saw herself in things.”

Despite the haters, the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga is absolutely dominating at the box office and has been a huge hit with critics. And, as Kelly Marie Tran points out in her interview with Variety, Rose is a character lots of people can identify with. In case you missed it, you can check out Kelly Marie Tran’s audition video for yourself below.

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