OKC Mayor — Kevin Durant Got Bad Advice … 'I Suspect It Won't Work Out'


0705-kevin-durant-mick-cornett-TMZ-GETTY-01The Mayor of Oklahoma City is concerned for Kevin Durant — telling TMZ Sports he thinks KD got “bad advice” about leaving town … adding, “I suspect it won’t work out.”

We spoke with Mayor Mick Cornett — a huge sports fan who also used to be a sports anchor — who tells us he loves KD as a person, but believes the move to Golden State is a mistake. 

“Nothing in this is Kevin’s fault,” Cornett says. 

“My only observation is … I think he may have gotten bad advice and I suspect it won’t work out.”

“Now, I could be wrong but that’s what it feels like to me. I think he got bad advice.”

That being said, Cornett hailed Durant as a “model citizen” during his time in OKC — “He gave generously of his time to our non-profit, and also gave generously to funding some disaster relief and some other things. You cannot look at anything he did here and say it was anything but positive.”

So, will OKC ever get over the Durant heartbreak? 

“Time will cure this.”

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