Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield ROCKED By Cops In Arrest Video (Video)

3/10/2017 3:29 PM PST

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Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield got BLOWN UP by cops when he tried to run during a drunken Feb. incident in Arkansas … and it’s all on video. 

As we previously reported, Mayfield was arrested on Feb. 25th when cops tried to confront the QB about a violent incident earlier in the evening. 

That’s when Baker tried to run … but a linebacker-esque officer quickly launched at Mayfield, rocking him into a wall and taking him down to the ground. 

Mayfield yelled back at the officers — but they eventually subdued him and arrested him for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and fleeing.

Mayfield later apologized for the incident — saying he embarrassed his family, friends, teammates and fans. 


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