Old Spice Is Letting The Internet Control A Giant Robotic Kraken

Fans of manliness—and the streaming site Twitch—rejoice! Old Spice built a giant, actual, real-life robot Kraken and will let the internet control it over Twitch at http://oldspicetwitch.com from 1pm to 6pm PST on Friday, May 19th, Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st.

Watch live video from OldSpice on www.twitch.tv

Is this dangerous? Probably! It’s also extremely fun. It’s called S.Q.U.I.D (Shared Quests Uniting Individual Dudes) and it’s a live multiplayer game allowing eight people to simultaneously control the limbs of the aforementioned giant Kraken. Now, they didn’t build this gigantic internet-controlled robot squid for something pointless, like downing pirate ships. That’s Kraken child’s play. With S.Q.U.I.D. you and seven randomly selected people will use this metal and latex beast to uncover the mysteries of manhood by trying to accomplish grown up dude tasks, like making a delicious pizza.

People watching the stream from 1pm to 6pm PST, Friday to Sunday will be randomly selected to control each tentacle for a short time so tons of viewers will be able to join in the carnage. If you aren’t using the mighty limbs of a Kraken to sprinkle ingredients on a pizza pie, you can still watch the chaos unfold, practice your tentacle skills in a fun mini-game or use the chat to manipulate the Kraken’s environment until you’re selected. During the off hours, the Kraken will still be there, patiently waiting like only a giant robotic squid can.

Old Spice is doing all of this to launch their new scent, Krakengärd, the newest scent within the Wild Collection. Whatever the reason, they’ve built a giant robotic squid for the internet to control. What could go wrong?

Answer: everything. Everything could go wrong.

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