Olivia Munn Had To Pay To Get A Cameo In ‘Ocean’s Eight’

Olivia Munn


Ocean’s Eight is another entry into that hot, new studio trend where instead of making an original movie starring awesome women, they just gender swap an already established bankable IP to hedge their bets in the name of feminism. And if the movie gets bad reviews, and you happen not to like it, you just obviously hate women and movies starring women and you probably have mommy issues or something. And you also hate Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman and nothing else. I heard if you scream that at people enough, they’ll realize it. Anyway, Olivia Munn wanted to catch this girl power wave so hard, she paid to be in it (via The Wrap).

Olivia Munn has a glamorous cameo in the upcoming heist film “Ocean’s Eight” —  but it cost her a pretty penny….Munn went all-out for wardrobe, hair and makeup (as one would for the actual event, hosted by Anna Wintour and largely considered the biggest night in fashion), and was shocked to see the production send back invoices for the costs she incurred….It’s a whole scene at the Met Ball and they’re like, Do your own glam.’ I got the dress, all that, and then you submit the bills for it because I’m part of your movie,” Munn told SiriusXM host Julia Cunningham on Entertainment Weekly Radio. But the bills come right back to you,” she concluded. “It actually cost me money to be in ‘Ocean’s Eight.’”

Aww, fuck yeah. Female empowerment, bitches. You know, until a studio worth $12B makes you pay for your own makeup and wardrobe. Warner Bros. can pay Zack Snyder to ruin superhero movies, but they can’t pay for Munn’s run to Sephora? Wait, who hates women again?


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