Olympic Athlete Lost Big, Decides To Ruin Health By Eating Nothing But McDonalds

It feels like everyone is getting an Olympic medal this year. Hell, there are three different kinds to choose from! But what about the losers who train for months, even years, that finally reach the Olympics to simply come back to their country empty handed. That’s a painful reality for any competition but something no one ever talks about.

Sawan Serasinghe is about to give up on life after losing big.

One athlete on the Austrailian Badminton team decided to photograph his downward spiral and post it on social media for all to see. The reality of what happens after you work so hard for so long to only get zilch out of the deal. Hey, not everyone is a unique snowflake, kids.

Getting one last look before his abs turn to sludge.

Sawan Serasinghe had one thing and one thing in mind after competing twice during this year’s Olympics competition in Rio and walking away with nothing more than a damn handshake: McDonalds. That’s right, Serasinghe said goodbye to his training, his diet and went straight to the golden arches because he sure as hell didn’t get a golden medal this year. McDonalds french fries can make even the saddest person happy.

Serasinghe ordered sh*t ton of chicken nuggets, fries, Big Macs and whole bunch of other heart attack-inducing stuff. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t immediatley get piss drunk, pinning a note to his chest asking for someone to shove him on a plane back to Austrailia before he has to see another athlete wearing a medal. He claims that he was able to finish all of the food, which I guess makes sense. He does have a lot of time he’s trying to make up for.

Ronald welcomes you back sir. The couch awaits your warm embrace once again.

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