Olympic Weightlifter’s Arm Snaps During Competition And The Pics Are Brutal

Most athletes work out to get in shape for the Olympics. However for weightlifters working out essentially IS their Olympic sport. For Armenia’s Andranik Karapetyan is weight lifting routine took a horrific twist. Specifically his arm twisting during his second lift of 430 pounds. I might gag.

He should have tried cupping.

My question is, how do you spend all that time training to lift weights, make it to the Olympics and then have this happen? Karapetyan is the European weight lifting champion so this adds insult to bone splitting injury.

The good news is he will now have a place to hang his gym bag.

The 20-year-old immediately screamed in agony as his left arm snapped, a bone visibly poking out. Medical staff rushed to his side as the large, muscled man fought back tears. Officials in the stadium were also visibly about to start puking out.

I feel ya, buddy.

Weirdly this type of injury is a common problem among weight lifters.

Nijat Rahimov took home the gold for Kazakhstan with a clean jerk, and no protruding bones. Here is the full video of Karapetyan lift. You might want to be sitting down while you watch this.

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