On The Road And Her Knees: The Italian "Oral Sex Tour" Girl's Next Stop: U.S.A.

Hey Breakers, remember the Italian model/actress who promised to perform oral sex on anyone who voted “no” on a referendum that she was very, very, very, very determined to see not pass? Her name was Paola Saulino and OF COURSE she didn’t end up blowing everyone who voted no; a lot of them were women! But she absolutely did go on an oral sex tour, passing out an estimated 700 blowjobs in twenty-two Italian cities as a way of saying “thanks” since she couldn’t actually speak with her mouth full.

The woman is not done yet.

Yes, Paola has set her sights on the world stage, and wants to bring free oral sex to countries far and wide beginning with…us! The U.S.!

Speaking to the Daily Star, Paola says she would love to come here, she just needs to earn some money first, which sounds like an odd statement coming from a woman in possession of a lucrative skill until you remember that she gives it away for free.

So, if you’re an Italian-American with dual citizenship who voted “no” on the referendum, and you’re a guy, and you’re not gay, and you’re not married or your wife is cool with this sort of thing, make sure to link up with Paola and…


Yeah, you think the legal eagles who draft society’s rules didn’t foresee the rise of the blowjob-for-vote? Paying or accepting payment of any kind for your vote in this country is punishable by a year in the clink, meaning your attempt to secure a free blowjob might actually end up costing you hundreds—that you have to give.

(I don’t know what the legality of this is in Italy because every time I try to Google “legal Italian blow job” all it pulls up is page after page of horny 18-year-olds, and even if those sites actually contained the relevant legal information, they’re blocked at work!)

Of course, Paola is far from the first practitioner of the sex trade—by which I mean the literal trading of sex—in Italy. Porn star Ilona Staller was elected to Italian Parliament in 1987 and offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein in 1991 for the release of Gulf War hostages.

Anyway, if plans for the tour never materialize—or you just want to make sure it’s worth the drive—here is a link to Paola’s Instagram.

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