Oreo Created A Candy Bar And Now Nothing Else Matters

Get ready to put a sock on the door, fellas, because we’re about to show you something that’s gonna make you want some alone time. No, it’s not the 40th pic in the Lunch Break gallery, it’s the new candybar created by Oreo and friends. And it looks fucking delicious.

Mother of God, have you seen anything so blessed.

The European chocolate company Milka and Oreo made sweet love together just to give fans of the Oreo cookie the tasty baby they have long been craving. And it looks like they really nailed it. Combined with Milka chocolate, sandwiched between that classic Oreo icing, with Oreo cooking sitting smack dab in the middle. It’s like a backwards Oreo, but comes with a fucking orgasm. It’s called the Big Crunch Bar and it’ll leave the money on the dresser in the morning.

In fact, Milka and Oreo love us so much they created TWO candy bars: The Big Crunch Bar and the Chocolate Candy Bar.

The question is, what will happen if you eat both at once? Your move, Marvel.

This goodness isn’t available in stores yet, but it does mean you’ll have something to look forward to in the new year beyond your debt after the holidays. The new Oreo candybars will be available starting January 2017. Can’t. Wait.

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