Panthers Attacker Arrested, History of Violent Allegations

Carolina Panthers

Attacker Arrested

History of Violent Allegations

10/13/2017 3:04 PM PDT


The scumbag who socked out a 62-year-old man at a Carolina Panthers game has been arrested for assault, cops have confirmed. 

The suspect is Kyle Adam Maraghy — and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD says he’s currently on his way to jail. 

The CMPD says the 26-year-old is the man who was captured on video brutally attacking another man in the stands at Bank of America Stadium during Thursday Night Football. 

We did some checking … this ain’t the first time Maraghy’s been accused of violence

He’s been arrested for assault at least 2 times since 2013 — and has claimed to be a victim in 2 other violent incidents. We’re trying to find out if Maraghy was ever convicted. 

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