Parents Turned Their 6-Month-Old Into A Mischievous Leprechaun And It's Perfect

We’ve seen leprechauns in all shapes and sizes (mostly small to be certain) from old leprechauns, to jovial leprechauns to plain mean leprechauns. Well a couple of parents have turned their adorable 6-month-old son into a leprechaun and not one that’s up for taking your pot of gold and splitting. This one apparently likes to cause havoc, but nothing TOO mischievous luckily.

Check out some of the images posted by the father Alan Lawrence from That Dad Blog.

Good Lord that’s adorable.

After the leprechaun images were posted to Reddit and Imgur, people were instantly asking how in the world a 6-month-old could even stand to take these images. That’s when viewers noticed the magic in the photos and the photoshop used to pull off the images.

The Lawrence’s are no stranger to posting fun images of their kids, one of which is autistic named Wil. That Dad Blog in fact created a calendar for their son titled Wil Can Fly which is a series of photos showing Wil flying throughout the world with some cool scenic imagery.

Check out Wil’s calendar here.

The Lawrence’s aren’t just limited to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and their son Wil. They have been making fun photoshops for their family and friends depicting devious elves and cupids to celebrate the holidays. Good Lord that kid is adorable.

Now that is how you make your facebook friends jealous of your kids.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!



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