Paris Hilton — I Got a New $8,000 Bitch (PHOTO + VIDEO)

Exclusive Details

1011-paris-hilton-tiniest-dog-ever-TMZ-TWITTER-01Puppy love ain’t cheap for Paris Hilton — not when she’s scooping up 12 ounces of chihuahua for $8k … very delicately, of course.

TMZ has learned the 4-month-old pup was delivered to Paris in NYC on Monday from a boutique teacup breeder.

Paris is a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to teacup pooches … she spent $25k on two others  over a year ago, and bought a teacup Pomeranian in 2014 for $13k. So, if you’re keeping score at home, that’s about $46k on about 5 pounds worth o’ dogs … in 2 years.

We’re told the new dog doesn’t have a name yet. Paris is asking her followers to decide on social media, although she’s partial to London or Ibiza. We’re guessing China’s off her short list.

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