Paul Wall Gets Huge Astros World Series Tattoo After Making Grillz for the Team

Paul Wall

Gets Huge World Series Back Tat

… Grillz Ain’t Enough!!

11/8/2017 1:52 PM PST

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Making custom grillz for the whole Astros roster wasn’t good enough for Paul Wall … ’cause he just commemorated the team’s first World Series with a HUGE back tattoo!!

Wall rolled through G6 Tattoo Studios in Houston for the fresh ink — which he showed off on Wednesday with his “World Series Grillz” track bumpin’ in the background. 

The H-Town MC’s got several tats reppin’ his civic pride — but this one’s probably the most epic. 

Speaking of those grillz … the ‘Stros came through Wall and Johnny Dang’s shop recently to get ’em molded — and word is they’re ready for pickup! 

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