People Are Posting Sex Ads On Craigslist Looking For Election Day Stress Relief

Did you hear it’s Election Day? No shit, right? Unless you’ve been living under a boulder for the past few months, you’ll certainly realize that today is the day you get to vote for the next President of the United States. Which means you’re also a recipient of some intense stress levels because Facebook, Twitter and any other social media outlet is just LOADED today with people reminding you to make “the right decision” with your single vote.

Some voters are so damned stress, they’re turning to Craigslist in hopes of finding some relief in the form of orgasms with total strangers because, hey, it’s a free country after all. For the moment anyway.

However some of these sex posts are less about relieving stress and more about “Election Day Sex Parties” with interesting rules like “When your candidate is up in the polls, you get to suggest an activity for the group”. How about the activity be that the dudes are forced to go home?

Check out some of our favorites from around the U.S.

Of course none of these Craigslist posts show pictures of the people posting them so realistically there’s a good chance you’re going to be dealing with a Buffalo Bill of sorts. It is Craigslist afterall.

Proceed with caution.

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