People Can't Decide If This Makeup Artist's Mermaid Illusion Is Cool or Gross

Channing Carlisle is a United States based makeup artist that blew up on Instagram recently with a mermaid fish scale leg makeup job that people have some pretty STRONG opinions about.

Now as you can clearly see, this is supposed to look like human skin ripping away to reveal a mermaid tail underneath. Some people think it’s great, others think it’s horrifying and looks like “rotting flesh.” Personally, I’m torn on the issue. While my first thought when looking at this is extreme disgust, I don’t think it’s a sign of this being “bad.” I’m just terrified by the idea it is trying to convey. This DOES look like human skin tearing away to show the shiny scales of a mermaid so it’s a success in that regard, but the idea of a fish wearing human skin is in two words, freaking terrifying. That strong emotional reaction is what makes it valid, good art in the first place.

A twitter review from @Dafrontporchpro says “That’s the most beautiful scary and more beautiful artwork I seen in a minute.” @Diosa_Fhunom says “It makes my skin crawl in such a way dt makes me feel its really real…great job.” Unfortunately, all of the reviews aren’t as glowing. There are doubters. @Mayumixgi says “Mermaids don’t look like that. They don’t look like they’re rotting.”

The Artist, Channing Carlisle

Whether you love it or hate it, Carlisttle is only 23 and hasn’t yet started at Cinema Makeup School, but if she can create something that has been shared over fifty one thousand times AND gives me literal nightmares already, she’s got a bright career ahead of her. 

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