People Paid A Company $100,000 To Dig A Giant Hole For No Reason

People Paid A Company $100,000 To Dig A Giant Hole For No Reason

November 29, 2016

As Americans spent billions on Black Friday shopping, the makers of Cards Against Humanity convinced thousands of people to give them money so that they could dig a giant hole.

Cards Against Humanity digs hole

And that’s it. The pit isn’t intended for any other use; those who pay will not receive anything in return and the company, Cards Against Humanity, has said it will only keep digging as long as people continue to give money.

The “Holiday Hole,” as the company calls it, raised more than $100,000. It is, in the truest, most literal sense of the phrase, a money pit.

Cards Against Humanity digs hole

With every donation, the company sent an email to confirm that you have donated money to allow them to dig a hole for no reason.

cards against humanity digs hole black friday
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This is not the first time Cards Against Humanity has done semething odd to “celebrate” Black Friday. Last year, the company asked people to pay them $5 for nothing whatsoever. The year before that, they sold actual bull poop for $6 per box.

“We really hate Black Friday,” the game’s creator, Max Temkin told Business Insider. “It’s this really gross orgy of consumerism right after a holiday about being thankful for what you have — so we’ve always tried to think of funny jokes or comments we could make about the tradition.”

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