Peter Thomas Wants Positive People Around Him: Cryptic Message To ‘RHOA’ Cast?

Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas is currently very busy opening up another establishment in Charlotte, North Carolina and he may have some haters in this process. Rather than opening up the establishment in Atlanta, Peter decided it would be best to open up another business in North Carolina – far away from home. And he wants to find success with the right people. According to a new Instagram post, Peter Thomas is busy building his team who will take him to the top.

“The only way to win is by surrounding yourself with people who not scare to loose,” Thomas revealed on Instagram, sharing some advice from Diddy. “When building a team, you focus on the people who go hard for the team without you asking them to. Not the ones waiting on you,” read the quote from Diddy.

Of course, Thomas has a hard time finding support in the Real Housewives of Atlanta group. For a while, NeNe Leakes didn’t think highly of Peter, and Thomas had a hard time rebuilding his reputation after the infamous Instagram video, where he touched another woman inappropriately. While he should be at home with his wife, Cynthia Bailey, he is spending much of his time in Charlotte, building a new support team up. 

Maybe he’s hinting that someone in Atlanta is scared to lose. Cynthia recently revealed that they don’t actually get to spend too much time together, and only spend about a week per month together as a married couple. While Bailey supports her husband, she may not be a part of the team in Charlotte. 

Hopefully, this new establishment won’t cause more trouble for Thomas. According to Radar Online, he was recently accused of assaulting a man at his sports bar. 

What do you think of Peter Thomas’ Instagram post? Do you think he’s sending a message to someone?

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