Piers Morgan Apologized To Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande


If you’re on Twitter a lot, you understand that Piers Morgan is a garbage human most of the time. Much like 99% of the people on Twitter. So after terrorists attacked her concert in May, Morgan was upset that Ariana Grande flew home instead of going directly to the hospital to visit victims like the Queen did. And why didn’t she go to the hospital immediately? It’s not like she felt responsible for the death of 22 people and had to grieve and process those emotions or anything like that. She was probably just being selfish. Anyway, she organized a benefit concert (I guess Piers Morgan and the Queen were too busy to organize one), and went on with it even when there was yet another terrorist attack in the U.K. a day before the concert was scheduled. Thankfully, this proved to be to Pier Morgan’s liking and stopped Ariana Grande from losing any more sleep over his opinion. He wrote an apology to Ariana on the Daily Mail:

But by coming back to Manchester so soon, shrugging off the latest attack in London, standing on that stage and performing with such raw emotion and power, you showed more guts, resilience, strength of character and ‘Blitz spirit’ than every snivelling, pathetic ISIS coward put together.

You can read the whole thing after the jump. I guess we can all move on now that Piers Morgan has deemed Ariana Grande worthy of respect and admiration. Did this benefit show stop ISIS from terrorizing Europe on a daily basis? No. Did this benefit show make people feel inspired and hopeful on a single day in world full of constant shit? Yes. But feel free to fire off your Twitter take.


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