Playboy Playmate Loses Job For “Body Shaming” Woman! Is This OK?

A lady whose job is to take her clothes off mocked another woman without clothes and all hell broke loose on the internet this week. 2015 Playboy Playmate of The Year Dani Mathers was working out at an LA Fitness in Los Angeles when she entered the women’s locker room and her delicate eyes were forced to see a normal nude, female human with cellulite that wasn’t injected with silicone. Instead of passing out from the horror she pulled out her phone and posted this Snapchat pic proclaiming “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Internet social justice warriors were quick to condemn her “witty” observation as “body shaming.” In her defense we’ve all been in that situation. She probably thought she was just sharing a common thought. After all, a staple of observational stand-up comedy routines for the past several decades has been how the older generation doesn’t seem to mind getting naked in front of each other in the locker room and dudes are forced to look at an 80 year-old man’s balls hanging to the floor. However these comedians never shared photographic evidence of grandpa’s nut sack on social media. She quickly deleted the post and issued a video apology:

Sorry, not sorry.

While some might think this has gotten blown out of proportion, just imagine if a man posted this picture of a nude woman in the shower. LA Fitness is taking the incident very seriously and has contacted the police. The gym put out a statement saying “Her behavior is appalling and puts every member’s privacy at risk. We have handled this internally and also notified the police.”

Going to the gym has paid off for someone.

As part of the fallout Mathers was fired from her gig on the “Heidi and Frank” radio show. In addition the Playboy Bunny won’t have to worry about seeing any hideous real women in her field of vision at LA Fitness. The company has banned her from entering ANY of their locations across the country.

Hey, Dani Mathers, here is an idea. Maybe that lady from the shower should stand in front of you and Snapchat some pics of your big gross mouth. Seriously, this broad looks like Kyra Sedgwick got punched in the lips. OK, I’m apologizing! #BodyShaming is never OK.

So which side are you on? This average woman in the shower was at the gym, trying to make her body great again! Then some gorgeous, perfect, genetic freak of nature comes in and RUINS her self-esteem for no reason. She should be punished! Or on the flip side… Dani Mathers apologized! Fired and banned over a Snapchat post? Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was America! What happened to the First Amendment? I guess Obama came and took that away too! #FreeDaniMathers This brings us to our Break Poll!

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