'Pokemon Go' — Good News … It's Not Gonna Break Your Bank


0715-pokemon-verizon-the-pokemon-company-tmz-01Verizon customers addicted to “Pokemon Go” will not have to fear their next Verizon bill … because turns out it’s not a data hog. 

A source at Verizon tells TMZ 10% of its 100 million smartphone users were using the game Tuesday — the biggest day of the week — yet they consumed only 1% of the network’s data. Translation … it’s a lot of game for a little data and will cost you virtually nothing.

Turns out, the people who designed the game had your pocketbook in mind, and they created an app that sends info in bursts … rather than a long stream.   

The game shot to the top 25 apps ever used in the Verizon world.


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