'Pokemon Go' — Real Pokestops with Brews & Pikachus … Coming Soon


0721_pokestop_restaurant_tmz_compositeThe “Pokemon Go” craze is so big, it’s going to turn a line of themed restaurants into huge money makers … or so one developer thinks now that he’s filed docs to launch the idea. 

James Kim — a branding and marketing guru — is trying to lock up trademark rights for eateries he plans to call “Pokestop.” If you don’t know … Pokestops, in the game, are digital locations where players refill on supplies.

Kim plans to open cafes catering to the game … which would allow users to fill up on Pokemon supplies (for the game), catch a few creatures and also fill up on real-life food, coffee, tea and possibly beers too.

He says they would have Pokemon lures to bring in creatures to each location, and even host Pokemon-themed events. Of course, he’ll need to secure a licensing deal with Pokemon — which hasn’t happened. Yet. 

Trademarks … gotta catch ’em all.


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