Police Org. to LeBron — We Heard Your ESPY Speech … Let's Work Together!


0714-lebron-james-fop-getty-01The largest police union in the country says it heard LeBron‘s ESPYs anti-violence speech loud and clear — and wants to team up with the LJ, CP3, D-Wade and ‘Melo to begin working together ASAP. 

We spoke with Jim Pasco — the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police — who tells us, “We heard their comments and we welcome them.”

“We’d like an opportunity to speak with them about how we can work with them to improve communication and interaction between police and the community.”

“These are 4 of the top athletes in their sport and they are role models in the community.”

The NBA stars opened the show with a passionate speech to fellow athletes and fans alike — begging everyone to work together to find a solution to end police violence and racial profiling.

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