Power Up! They Just Opened A Super Mario Themed Bar In Washington D.C.

Emotionally stunted millennials will love this Washington, D.C. based pop up bar themed after the Super Mario Nintendo franchise.

As you’d expect, the video game themed bar is insanely popular and nostalgia hounds are waiting up to 2 hours to get into the hip, 8-bit themed pub. Besides the decorations patterned after everyone’s third-favorite Italian stereotype after the Mafiosos on the Simpsons and the Godfather’s Pizza Mascot, the bar also sells mixed drinks like It’s a Me, Amario, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smaller and the King Koopa Cup among others. Are the drinks expensive? They’re thirteen dollars a pop. You expected a bargain? This is Nintendo we’re talking about.

A lot of people are applauding the Mario themed bar for being an immersive and detailed mix of nostalgia and bar culture, but here are a few ideas that we think will really take this whole place to the next level.

Lava Bridge Entrance

No Super Mario-themed bar would be complete without a lava bridge entrance like the end of any castle level in the original Mario. Bonus points if the bouncer dresses up like bowser, and upon entering the bar you have to use an axe to chop the bridge supports, dropping the bouncer into a pool of lava. Would this kill the bouncer? Yes. Is that a sacrifice I am willing to make for authenticity? Yes.

Minus World Secret Side Room

In the original Super Mario Brothers, there’s a glitch early on in the game that allows you to be transported to the “minus worlds.” These are a series of underwater levels that don’t end until you physically turn the console off. They were thought to have been created to test out the game’s water gameplay mechanics, but now they’re fondly remembered as a neat Mario easter egg. I think it would be fun if the bar referenced these levels with a secret side room. All you have to do to get into it is get your head stuck in one of the wall bricks. The wall will transport you into a room with a series of green pipes. If you climb into the pipe on the left, you’ll be dropped into a giant basement filled with water where the only escape is death. This sounds crazy, but if you’re creating a Mario themed bar, why not go all the way?

Poorly Maintained Toilets

Mario is a plumber and nothing will get you in the mood to drink in a Mario themed bar more than having to plunger a toilet after every time you use the bathroom. This one just makes sense.

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