Powerball Winner's House Gets Extra Police Protection

Powerball Winner

Gets Extra Love From Local Cops

8/25/2017 12:30 AM PDT


Powerball winner Mavis L. Wanczyk is gonna have some extra manpower guarding her Massachusetts home from any crooks thinking about making a move. 

Cops in Mavis’ hometown of Chicopee tell us they’ll be making extra patrol rounds each shift to make sure no funny business goes down on the heels of her HUGE win.

As for what cops are worried about … they think Mavis is now a magnet for leeches, crooks and scammers who want a piece of the pie. Police are on the lookout for people casing her home, loitering on or around her property, or harassing her or her family.

Cops think the visibility of extra patrols may scare people with bad intentions away.

Mavis, a single 53-year-old mother of 2, won Powerball’s largest ever solo payout on Wednesday night. She’s expected to take home $336 million after taxes, according to lottery officials.

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