Presidential Candidates Re-Enacting Famous Movie Kisses To Brighten Your Day

For the past few months now we’ve seen nothing but candidates bickering and arguing, back and forth about anything they can during each debate. So it’s time that we just stop down and remember that everyone really should love one another, so what better way to do that than the candidates re-enacting famous movie kissing scenes, right? Full disclosure, we just thought it’d be hilarious.

1. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in Back to the Future.

2. Ben Carson and Donald Trump making it official in Sixteen Candles.


3. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Spider-Man.

4. Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s unchained melody in Ghost.

5. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders romancing in The Notebook.

6. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton crashing tonguesin Titanic.

7. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders gettin’ wild in Wild Things.

8. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders in American Hustle. No pun intended.

9. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz ‘ sibling rivalry in The Empire Strikes Back.

10. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump getting close in Dumb and Dumber. Okay, they didn’t kiss in it but the title seemed to work.

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