Prince Revealed His New Passport Photo And It's Very Prince

If there’s one thing you don’t think about when you think of Prince, it’s what his passport photo could possibly look like. And now that we think about it, we TOTALLY want to know what his passport photo looks like! Well Prince revealed via his twitter account his brand-spankin’ new passport photo because he’s just so darn proud of it I guess. And frankly it’s too hilarious to not share.

source: Prince’s twitter

A few things come to mind when seeing this. A) It’s funny that Prince has to get a passport photo taken. B) He’s making the token pucker duck face but, y’know, in a passport photo. And C) It’s clearly professionally lit because no one else on earth has a passport photo this nice. You’d think it’s a photo for a Marie Claire interview.

Only the best for Prince, even if it’s for something that will just live in his assistant’s luggage.


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