Prince's 'Purple Rain' Handwritten Notes Hit Auction for Thousands!


‘Purple Rain’ Handwritten Notes Hit Auction for Thousands!

9/18/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Prince was a perfectionist and it’s evident in the handwritten edits he made to “Purple Rain” and lyrics for songs which hit the auction block for a hefty price.

Some 200 Prince-related items are up for bidding via RR Auction including the 9 pages of notes Prince made on his epic 1984 opus which RR thinks will go for more than $12k!!!

They’re pretty cool … you can see where Prince changed and added things to the original screenplay: “1. Glove box opens, Jerome fingers camisole, hands it back 2 Morris, 2. Morris takes it. Uh, 1 more thing here’s a little something …” and so on. 

Some other Prince items include:

— Yellow boots he wore onstage from ’86-’92 … $12k
— “The Ladder” handwritten lyrics … $8k
— Lace crop top …. $3k
— His Parade Tour tambourine … $1.5k
— “Camille” Advance Pressing … $4k
— Prince’s 1980 Rick James tour all access pass … $800

Bidding ends Sept. 27.

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