Proof Positive — The Opposite Of ISIS

Here’s some good stuff to get your mind off all that bad stuff. BRACE YOURSELF FOR FEELS!

3 Australian Teens Rescue a Stranded Dolphin Calf


Australian 15-year-olds Zachary Allegretta, Michael Randall and Ryan Dalzell rescued a dolphin calf in the Serpentine River’s Goegrup Lake that appeared to be in distress. ”We thought it was sick at first, so we got close to it and we saw the tide was going out and it was beached. It took us about 30 minutes but we slowly got it into deeper water, and then its tail started going and it was off.” No one stopped to take a selfie with the baby dolphin during the ordeal. #TeenHeroes

2 Connecticut Police Officers Pay for A Woman’s Daughter’s Birthday Cake Because She Can’t Afford It


Norwich officers Elizabeth Harsley and Christopher Hawrylik responded to a call involving an “emotionally distraught mother.” When they arrived they found a mom upset about not being able to afford her daughter’s birthday cake, so Harsley and Hawrylik bought the cake with their own money so the mother and her daughter could “enjoy her birthday together,” according to police. #NotAllCops

300 Plumbers Installed New Faucets For Free To Help Flint’s Water Crisis


A group of 300 plumbers of the union Plumbing Manufacturers International distributed and installed hundreds of faucets and other donated plumbing supplies, including Brita water filters, to Flint residents affected by the water crisis. Faith in humanity restored! Faith in the government…HAHAHAHAHA!

Local Residents Push For a Statue For Man Named “Bunny” Who Waved At Drivers For 50 Years


Residents of Chicopee, Massachusetts, have started a petition to make a statue honoring a man known as “Bunny”, who has waved and clapped for drivers of the city’s Aldenville neighborhood just to be nice. The petition (which you can and should sign here), has already received 4,900 signatures and counting. (A statue of a kind man smiling and waving at drivers would probably prevent a lot of road rage-related accidents, so we might want to start a petition to get a “Bunny” statue on every major street in the US. Or let’s at least put his picture on a bumper sticker and make it mandatory for every car to have one.)

Watch a 1-Year-Old Baby Crush It At Snowboarding

Just look at this adorable 1-year-old named Sloan snowboard as her insanely proud dad encourages her! This equal parts cute and impressive, especially considering most babies haven’t mastered walking at this point in their life. We should all strive to be more like this baby–confident, giggly, and shredding at all times.

Five Planets Aligned For the First Time in a Decade, And the World Didn’t End!


In cool space news, for the first time since 2005 5 planets will be aligned. The best time to see the alignment is around 6.45am in the morning, just before dawn. It is best to try and see Venus, as it is the brightest, before looking for the rest of the planets. If the majesty and wonder of space isn’t enough to get you up 15 minutes earlier, WHAT IS?!

Five Year Old Boy Celebrating His Birthday Asks For Items to Help Rescue Animals in Lieu of Presents 


5-year-old lover of animals and beautiful human Dalton Shaw selflessly asked guests who attended his birthday bowling party to bring supplies for rescue dogs and cats at local shelters instead of presents. Dalton collected huge amounts of food for the animals and received about $255 in donations for the shelters. Even when his parents asked him if he wanted a personal present, he just asked for money to help the rescue animals. (He has two rescue dogs and two rescue cats himself, and if reincarnation is a thing I’d like to sign up to come back as this kid’s third dog, kthx.)


That’s it for this week of Proof Positive! Share your personal happy thoughts/news, or just good stuff you’ve heard about recently in the comments below!


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