Prosecutors Say Roman Polanski Doesn't Get to Call Shots On How He Returns

3/1/2017 5:41 PM PST

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0301_roman-polanski_gettyRoman Polanski will have to go through the legal system like any other fugitive if the L.A. County D.A. gets their way — but Polanski’s attorney thinks it’s “bizarre” prosecutors don’t want to unseal a document that could show judicial misconduct.

The D.A.’s Office filed its opposition to Polanksi’s attempt to set the wheels in motion for him to finally come back after nearly 40 years … without serving another day behind bars.

We broke the story … Polanski wants a judge to unseal a transcript of his prosecutor’s testimony in his child rape case. He believes it will support his claim he’d cut a deal at the time to serve just 48 days. He says he fled in 1978 when the judge reneged on the deal.

In new docs, prosecutors point out the transcript was sealed at Polanski’s request in the first place. They say they have no issue with him returning if he goes through the court system, but don’t want Polanski to “dictate outcomes from afar while insulating himself from any potential adverse consequences.”

Translation: They’re not down to make a deal.

Polanski’s attorney Harland Braun says he just wants the transcript unsealed to prove his client got a raw deal.

Prosecutors say they already offered Polanski a chance to return in 1997 with a sentence of time-served — essentially what he’s asking for now — but he refused unless they promised no media coverage.

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