Psychologists Believe Big Breasted Video Game Characters Are Making Kids Mental

Are large breasted video game characters like Lara Croft and literally every other female character that’s ever been in a video game giving kids mental health issues? According to the director of BodyMatters Australasia, they might be!

Are you crazy yet?

Similar to how Barbie dolls, Photoshopped models and really, most of the ways women are portrayed in media have been accused of giving women in the real world body image issues, some psychologists believe electronic women with G-sized breasts probably aren’t doing anyone any favors either.

According to a recent Salvation Army survey, only 16 percent of women in Australia are happy with their bodies.

This is your fault!

Sarah McMahon, a psychologist and director of the previously mentioned BodyMatters says most female video game characters do “impossible things and were impossibly beautiful.”

She continued, “At least with the Barbie dolls, there was a level of imaginary. She had children and Ken dolls as husband.”

Sarah Spence, Spokesperson for Butterfly Foundation echoed Mcmahon’s sentiment. She said “’They in some children can create the false thinking that this is what super hero characters are supposed to look like.”

Really, any person or character in media with unrealistic proportions has the danger of giving someone a body image complex. It’s why Photoshopping models is so dangerous. We look at them as an example of what we should hope to look like.

Video game characters can look like literally anything. If their impossible traits are seen as desirable, someone, somewhere is going to try to emulate it. Leading young girls to idolize a woman with breasts the size of basketballs who somehow doesn’t have crippling back problems just isn’t realistic, or healthy by any stretch of the imagination.

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