Quincy Jones Wins Huge Cut of Michael Jackson's Hits … $9.4 Million!

Quincy Jones

Wins Huge Cut of MJ’s Hits …

Nearly $10 Million!!

7/26/2017 5:39 PM PDT

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Quincy Jones suddenly has 9.4 million reasons to go off the wall … and yes, his lawyers really are bad (ass) … after scoring a huge victory over MJJ Productions and Sony.

The jury handed down its thriller of a decision Wednesday in Quincy’s legal battle for unpaid royalties on Michael Jackson‘s three mega hit albums. Quincy argued accountants for the defendants screwed him out of dough he was owed for producing those records. 

He sued for at least $10 million, so he pretty much got what he wanted.

You can say this about Q — he really didn’t stop until he got enough.

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