QUIZ: Are You A Batman Fan Or A F*cking Poser?

When Is Bruce Wayne's Birthday?

Who Has Been Working With Batman Since His Debut?

What Was The First Appearance Of Harley Quinn?

Who Was The Voice Of Batman In 'Batman: The Animated Series'?

Name All Of The Robins.

When Was The First Appearance Of The Riddler?

Who Is The Mother Of Batman's Child And When Was Their First Appearance?

Adam West Famously Played Batman On TV, But Who Almost Got The Role Instead?

First Appearance Of Alfred In The Comics?

What Is Batman's Favorite Food?

Batman Has An Online Screen Name He Uses In THe Comics. What Is It?

In 'Batman: The Long Halloween', Who Was Holiday?

In 'Batman: The Killing Joke', What Was The Name Of The Joker's Wife?

The First Appearance Of Lucius Fox Was When AND Who Created Him?

Name, In Chronological Order, The Men Who Have Played Batman In Live Action Movies.

Name The Doctor That Helps Heal Batman's Broken Back, And Who Helps Retrain Him To Fighting Again?

In The Dark Knight Returns, What Is The Name Of The Country Superman Is Sent To Fight In?

In 'Batman: Year One' Who Is The Police Commissioner?

What Was The Name Of The Seismologist At The Beginning Of Cataclysm?

What Was The Exact Time Bruce Wayne's Parents Were Murdered?

What Is The Date On The Giant Penny Kept In The Batcave?

In 'Batman: Hush', What Is The Name of The Opera Where Thomas Elliot Dies?

What Year Was The First Batman Movie Released?

Who Did The Joker Shoot In 'The Killing Joke'?

Who Killed Bruce Wayne's Parents?

Who Broke Batman's Back?

What Was The Story Arc In Which Batman's Back Was Broken?

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