Racist Pigs at Famous BBQ Joint — Hey Waitress, Go Back To Mexico (PHOTO)

11/20/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


1118-racist-tip-dallas-bbq-with-swipe-tmz-4A couple of racist customers got into the 2016 political spirit by humiliating their Hispanic waitress.

The waitress is an older woman, originally from Mexico, who’s been with Dallas BBQ in NYC for 25 years. She says she served a couple who spoke loudly and disparagingly about immigrants. 

Things got nasty, we’re told, when employees realized the couple planned to dine and dash.

The couple started cursing on their way out, and when the waitress checked the credit card receipt she discovered her “tip” … an invite to go back to Mexico.

The owner vows to build a metaphorical wall if they try to return. 

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