Red Dot Optical Illusion Is Driving The Internet Crazy

focus on the red dot screenshot


A simple looking red dot seems innocent enough…

But upon closer inspection, what is inside a certain red dot has whipped the internet into a frenzy.

See for yourself and give the circle a good once over. What do you see?

the red dot from the Playbuzz eye test


If you are seeing just a red dot, with nothing in the middle, you are wrong. According to some people…

Those people are spying something in this puzzle — created by Jack O’Neil on Playbuzz. And when I say ‘puzzle’, it’s actually more of an eye test and results will vary from person-to-person.

Kind of like that damn dress…

There have been tons of comments and debates online from this so far. One female commenter wrote that “yes I saw it all – when I removed my glasses.”

One snarky dude then wrote: “It’s a test to see how well your eyes differentiate color.”

trippy colors spinning in a GIF


To make the debate even better, there are actually three possible results from staring at this thing for hours and hours. You either see nothing and realize you just wasted two hours basically staring at the wall.

a GIF of staring at a wall from Daredavel


Or you see this:

the red dot eye test with the outline of a horse


The outline of a horse. And again, realize you just wasted two hours staring at the outline of a horse.

And the third option is this:

the red dot eye test with the horse and other details


You see a horse with full details.

So let the debate rage on. Another day well spent, Internet!

Source: PlayBuzz

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