Red Hot Chili Peppers — Ex-Guitarist Officially Divorced … And I'm Smiling Because …


1007-john-frusciante-nicole-turley-facebook-02Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante got off pretty good now that his divorce has gone final … considering it could’ve been a whole lot worse.

Sure, John’s gotta fork over a onetime payment of $1.6 million to ex-wife Nicole, and pay a big chunk of her legal fees. But once that’s done, John’s off the hook and won’t have to pay any support … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Nicole also gets to keep 4 paintings from famed artist Laurie Anderson … plus her Toyota Prius and a mini travel studio John built for her.

It’s small potatoes compared to what John gets — master recordings and musical compositions made before, during, and after their marriage. That’s HUGE considering he was the guitarist on Chili’s hit album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” and co-wrote the music to “Give It Away.”

Plus … John gets to keep 4 properties in L.A.

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