Redditors Shared The Most Humiliating Things Their Parents Caught Them Doing

Growing up is tough, but when you’re a kid who wants to free his willy or learn more about the opposite sex in frowned upon ways, childhood can be downright disastrous. Redditor hamisdie provided the Reddit community with an outlet to describe the horror of their parents catching them doing something embarrassing. Prepare yourself.

“He walked in on me talking into my brother’s bare asshole like a scene from Clutch Cargo and my brother soundlessly mouthing words with enthusiasm” u/hamisdie

“She walked in on my dog licking peanut butter off my nut sack. She stopped buying peanut butter after that incident and any time me and my dog are in the same room, the door has to be fully open” u/RageMorePlz

“She asked, “The Gak is in your pants, isn’t it?” I shamefully nodded my head.” u/closetcrazy

“I thrust my arms up in the air in a packed church, flipping off my grandmother and her new husband.” u/pretzeljew

“He took a cushion from the couch and put his dick in it, clearly this felt nice, because he mounted the cushion against the side of the pool table and started to have his way with it” u/SuzyGi

“My Dad walked in on me squatting over the business end of a hairdryer.” u/Mikchi

 My mum walks in to catch me licking the TV screen where the bare breasts were.” u/mataranka

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Written by Jason Epstein

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