Reporter Who Quit Job On TV To Protest Alaskan Pot Laws Faces 54 Years In Prison

Back in 2014 KVTA TV local news reporter Charlo Greene lived out lots of people’s fantasy by quitting her job in epic fashion. Live, on air she said “Fuck it, I quit!”

At the time Greene was protesting the state of Alaska’s marijuana laws. In the run up to the 2014 referendum vote she became an active advocate for legalization, doing her part for the campaign. The good news for her and the pro-legalize it side is that in November of 2014, they won! Alaska is now one of just four states that have approved recreational marijuana use. That explains this moose.

They know and it’s cool ‘cause it is all legal up in Alaska.

As of February 2015 adults 21 years of age and over can have up to one ounce of weed and grow six plants in their home. However before that law went into effect Greene announced herself as the operator of the Alaska Cannabis Club. The club had some serious stoner  genius to it. Its purpose was to hook up medical marijuana cardholders (legal) with other people who just wanted to get high.

The Alaska Cannabis Club arts and crafts night.

That is where Greene got into some legal trouble. The Anchorage, Alaska police raided the club several times to check the medical cards and how much marijuana each cardholder was in possession of. So because of her involvement in the club before recreational use was approved she is facing 14 drug possession charges and an additional six felonies. Altogether these charges could put her away for up to 54 years! She took to Facebook to update her followers on her legal situation.

Not sure why she had to quit her job over this, since now it is legal. She is asking for donations for her defense fund and feels that the marijuana supporters she helped fight for have left her now that she is in trouble. She told High Times magazine;

“More than 100 million people around the world watched me quit and of the now 4,000 members of the Alaska Cannabis Club we’ve served to date, there was literally only one person at the first court date]to support me. Now that I could lose the rest of my life because of cannabis, it feels like the people I fought for have abandoned me.”

Do you think she should be put in jail for breaking the law at the time? Or should she be let off the hook for something that is now legal?

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