'Revenge of the Nerds' Star Admits 'Psychotic Breakdown' But Near-Fatal Crash Was Wife's Fault

‘Revenge of the Nerds’ Star

Admits ‘Psychotic Breakdown’ But

Near-Fatal Crash Was Wife’s Fault

5/5/2017 3:18 PM PDT


Revenge of the Nerds” star Robert Carradine admits being in a psychotic state when he slammed into a semi-truck head on that nearly killed him and his wife … but he claims it’s HER fault because she cut off his meds.

Robert says he experienced acute psychosis after his estranged wife, Edith, cut off his bipolar Rx … still, she implored him to get behind the wheel the day of his horrific March 2015 crash.

In the divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Robert says his downward spiral began after his brother David’s death in 2009. He says he was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

We broke the story … Edith filed docs saying Robert confessed to intentionally driving into the semi-truck to kill them both.

As for their beef over money … Robert says she blew the $70k they made off an appearance on “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

The documents include a proposed settlement but Edith wouldn’t sign, in part because she wanted to force the sale of his guns, fearing he’d use them to hurt himself. He didn’t agree to the term.

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