Rihanna And Drake Split Already

Rihanna Drake

Not even two months ago, Drake was awkwardly professing his love for Rihanna at the VMAs in a tuxedo for some reason. He even used her Christian name. People thought he was gonna propose. But this is Drake. There’s too many strippers and Waffle House waitresses when Rihanna isn’t around.

Drake and Rihanna have split. Sources revealed exclusively to Life & Style magazine that the “Work” singer told the Canadian rapper it was over after he was spotted getting close to Instagram model Dakota Gonzalez at the afterparty for his September 11 concert in Las Vegas.  “When Rihanna isn’t at Drake’s concerts,” the source says, “Dakota is often there by his side. It makesRihanna furious.” Drake, 29, was also noticeably absent from the 28-year-old beauty’s Puma fashion show in Paris last month.

It’s hard to keep up with the women Drake has fallen in love with, but I guess Dakota Gonzalez in the new one. Her Instagram is already set to private and that’s a bad business plan for an Instagram model. From what I can tell, she looks like Rihanna had sex with Ariana Grande in an alternate dimension where Ariana Grande would get pregnant from that and have a baby that would grow up to look like Dakota Gonzalez. “Dakota” means “friend”, so hopefully Rihanna doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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