Rose McGowan Back On Twitter and Ripping into Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Rose McGowan

I’m Slaying Jeff Bezos Now …

You Knew About Weinstein!!

10/12/2017 2:13 PM PDT

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Rose McGowan is wasting no time — shortly after getting back on Twitter she launched an attack on Jeff Bezos and Amazon Studios … but it’s still all about Harvey Weinstein.

Rose posted a pic of a female samurai with the caption “it’s on” … then lit into Bezos over a blown script deal and Weinstein. Rose claims she told the head of Amazon Studios Weinstein had sexually assaulted her.

She also hints Bezos and Amazon were going to sell her script to The Weinstein Co. — or as she put it … “a Weinstein bailout” — which would clearly piss her off.  

There’s a lot more, but Rose’s bottom-line is she wants Bezos to “stop funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers.”

As we reported, Twitter blocked Rose’s account after she posted someone’s phone number … but she’s not backing down from her public attacks on Hollywood power players.

We’ve reached out to Amazon … no word back yet.

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