Russell Westbrook — Dominates '90s Party … Nice Overalls, Bro (PHOTO GALLERY)


0815_dorell_wright_party_launch_2If Will Smith could pull it off, why not Russell Westbrook … right? 

Russ stole the show at Dorell Wright‘s ’90s-themed charity event in L.A. this weekend — rocking the overalls, no shirt, gold chain, pink hat and glasses look … with an ugly yellow jacket to match.


0815-90s-overalls-fresh-prince-tlc-sub-asset-GETTY-01A bunch of other NBA stars hit up the party too — including James Harden (lame outfit), Nick Young (decent outfit) and Gilbert Arenas (weird zipper outfit).

The event raised more than $10,000 for the D Wright Way Foundation which helps underprivileged youth.

Check out the pics … and be pissed you tossed out your Cross Colours.

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