Russian “Diplomat” At Rio Olympics Disarms Robber Shooting Him In Face!

So we have all heard the reports on how dangerous the Summer Olympics host city, Rio de Janeiro might be from the facilities being underprepared, to the poo in the water, to the lawless gangs controlling the streets. Well the Opening Ceremony fireworks show hasn’t even exploded yet and there has already been a violent death involving a Russian diplomat.

A Brazilian thief must have thought he would find some easy targets with all of the foreign athletes and people visiting his city. That’s because yesterday the armed attacker pulled up on a motorcycle alongside a black BMW with a sticker saying “Vice Consul, Russian Federation.”

He broke the window of the car and stuck his gun in the face of the occupant inside. However instead of some member of the male synchronized swimming team, the wouldbe robber was met with some badass Russian dude who grabbed the gun, pulling him INTO the car and shooting him point blank in the frickin’ face. BOOM goes the dynamite.

Frighteningly for Olympic visitors this deadly incident happened close to the Olympics’ Park and athlete’s village, only a short time after some training cyclists had rode by the car. The body of the attacker, identified as Leonardo Lopes Batista was left in the street for several hours as athletes and other Olmpic officials drove by. OK, this is worse than the poo water.

 However, the Russians are now denying that any Russian official was involved in the incident. Which makes sense: given that the way that this guy just manhandled an assailant, the Russian government probably doesn’t want to blow the cover of the “diplomat” who is really a top secret spy… or an ASSAASIN, sent to take out Michael Phelps from bringing home more gold for America!

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