Ryan Lochte Case — Rio Cops Deserve Praise for Exposing 'Farce' … Say Rio Cops

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0826-ryan-lochte-tmz-02Authorities in Rio really showed Ryan Lochte and his teammates who’s the boss — just ask Rio authorities, who are patting themselves on the back … hard!

The Court of Justice in Rio believes its handling of Lochte-gate brought “international prestige” to its city and required “courageous action.” We know this because the court actually fired off a statement to the media saying so.

Rio police similarly shouted out the efforts of Rio police … saying they uncovered the “farce” of the Team USA swimmers’ story. 

The praise and adulation came 24 hours after Lochte was charged for lying to police — a non-extraditable offense that Lochte has no intention of returning to Brazil to face.

But word among Rio’s finest is … they nailed it.

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