Ryan Lochte Protesters — Ordered to Back Off Ryan and Hollywood Hot Spots

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1004-ryan-lochte-protestors-sam-sotoodeh-barzeen-soroudi-AKMGSI-01The guys who rushed Ryan Lochte on “Dancing With the Stars” now have to steer clear of him until their trial, and they’re also banned from some good eats and shopping. 

A judge has ordered Sam Sotoodeh and Barzeen Soroudi to stay 300 yards away from Ryan, and since their attack/protest went down on the CBS Lot … they’re persona non grata at CBS Studios, CBS Television City, and the L.A. office for BBC Productions.

One more swift kick in the ass for ’em — the judge’s order also includes The Grove shopping center and the Farmers Market off Fairfax, which are both right next to the ‘DWTS’ studio. 

That hurts almost as much as getting tackled by giant security guards.

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